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CKC crocodile passes on

2 April 2021 at 21:08 | 1279 views

By Paul Duwai-Sowa (PDS), an alumnus.

Earlier this morning (April 1, 2021), the School Administration of Christ the King College, Bo (Royal College of the South) and for short known as CKC announced the passing of the majestic pride of the school that has been a symbol of science and conservation for generations of students.

Since then, social media has been awash with grief, comfort and eerie puns.The 60+ year old crocodile died of natural causes.

Culturally, it is rare for Sierra Leoneans to grieve over the passing of a dear animal companion let alone a wild animal domiciled in a confined space. The death of the CKC crocodile would have been no different, but for its endearing spirit and purpose it is not. Generations of students and visitors to the school are in mourning.

Many would ask why the love and emotional attachment to this beast? Well CKC is known for its science teachings and outstanding national exam results. The school has produced world class professors in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Medicine. In 1962, the CKC crocodile commonly known as CK Croc was harboured on the school campus to serve as a live teaching experiment. The crocodile would eventually become a sociable animal with refined temperament. Students and guest watched over CK Croc exude its good nature, strength, intelligence and clairvoyance - reflective of the products of the school.

It is a sad end to the synonymous mention of CKC without the crocodile. As we grieve, CKC alumni (COBA) are making plans to preserve the carcass and place it in a glass tank. Others would love to give a marching band send off courtesy of CKC school band.

Adieu CK Croc. You were an embodiment of our science prowess and spiritual realm. Free at last! Go yee and rest in peace. The school, past students and guests will miss your courage, patience and glory.

May your kindred soul rest in peace! Adveniat Regnum Tuum.