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AFRO partners with two companies

26 December 2019 at 20:19 | 1712 views

One of the missions of AFRO ( includes improving daily well being of people of the African continent.We have mentioned it before, but today (December 23 2019) it became a reality.

AFRO partnered with two companies to guarantee population of the continent a simple and secure access to drinking water. Oโ€™Claire and Sunwaterlife rely on systems that transform non-potable water into potable water using ultra filtration. This is a crucial point due to the fact that sometimes it is needed to travel several kilometers and walk for hours in order to find a water source without being sure that this water is not contaminated.

AFRO is therefore the pan-African digital currency used by these systems to allow optimal security. The prices will be adapted to the population of the emerging areas.

We are pleased that this partnership is coming to life as these solutions will also allow to promote and give a boost to the development of the local industry thanks to the maintenance, analysis, control and management requirements performed by locals.

Source: Afro Foundation