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Child care for families across Canada

29 December 2022 at 18:49 | 914 views

By Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Affordable child care for families across the country. We promised we’d make $10-a-day child care a reality by 2026, and we’re on track to see that happen. We also promised we’d cut child care fees in half, on average, by the end of this year, and we’ve done exactly that.

This means parents are saving hundreds of dollars every single month on child care, and can use that money for other things. It also means these parents are able to go back to work, and contribute to Canada’s economy, while their kids get the best possible start in life.

On top of that, the provinces and territories have announced that more than 40,000 child care spaces have been created since these agreements were signed last summer. Several provinces and territories have used federal funding to increase supports for early childhood education workers and staff, too, because they’re at the heart of Canada’s early learning and child care system.

In the new year, we’ll keep working to cut child care costs as we make our way to $10-a-day by 2026, and we’ll continue to take action and make life more affordable for families.

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